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We speak to Chris McManners Head of Caen delegation of Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which covers Basse Normandie.  This section was set up earlier this year, in June, to reflect the number of British-owned businesses setting up in the region.  Another, more established delegation of the CCI exists in Rouen, covering higher Normandy.  The Franco-British CCI, however, has existed in Paris for more than 140 years, looking after the interests of British business in France and French business in the UK.  Chris McManners has lived in Normandy for many years where he very recently got married to his French wife.  He joined the CCI earlier this year to set up and head up the Caen section.
Here is a bit more about the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Founded in 1873, the mission of the chamber has been to:

  • Promote British companies in France
  • Assist its members to develop and promote their activities in France and in the UK
  • Inform and advise French and British companies though a network of expert members of the chamber. In order to create its network the chamber decided to:
  • Develop only, in regions where there is a flow of developing business with the UK
  • Develop in collaboration with the local economic institutions
  • Appoint a local representative whose professional interests are in correlation with the mission of the chamber; help British Companies develop in the region or French companies develop their business in the UK and manage an English speaking business network.
  • Create a multi skilled delegation
  • REGIONAL DELEGATION of the Franco British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Caen
  • The regional delegation was an initiative of the FBCCI and is based within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Caen. It offers a point of contact for companies from the UK wishing to develop their businesses within France. We can offer you a range of information services from the CCI and from relevant expert members within the FBCCI.
  • The advantages of the regional delegation are:
  • A competent English speaking business network
  • Access to a competent service for their international development in close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and industry in Caen.
  • A simple structure, flexible (Sales, Logistics, Technique) in touch with local organizations
  • A source of advice and support suited to their needs.
  • Its aim is to promote the development of British companies in the region by enabling them to develop their activities, allowing them to invest, employ and create infrastructure in the region.
  • Finally as part of their mission the delegation assists regional French businesses who would like to develop in the UK.


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