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In this programme we meet Chris Geiger who is a writer and former cancer patient. We discuss his book The Cancer Survivors Club which is available now from all major online and independent bookstores as well as a Kindle download.
The book is an inspiring look at how the human spirit refuses to be beaten by the illness and documents a range of patients experiences and how they 'got their mind' to defeat their particular cancer.
Th book also includes Chris' own fight for survival after hearing he had only months to live. He tells us that when first diagnosed with cancer, he spent hours scouring bookshops, desperately hunting for books written by people who had fought and survived cancer. “Most of the books I found had been ghost written for film stars. The majority dedicated considerable time to mentioning their celebrity friends or the location of their next film, yet spent little or no time describing their treatment and more importantly how they survived” Chris said.
Personally he had to endure two years of cancer treatment, which included a number of operations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant before he was finally in remission.
The Cancer Survivors Club is an invaluable read for cancer sufferers, their families and friends. These poignant personal accounts from normal people, demonstrate an extraordinary determination to survive against the odds. It proves with survival rates doubling, anything is possible. This book is to help, encourage and inspire people touched by cancer. In addition it provides current sufferers with a distraction from the worries of daily treatment, by encouraging them think about life once they’ve become a survivor and kicked the disease. One of the ways is for patients to start writing their story while still receiving treatment, detailing their experiences. Ultimately Chris Geiger wants patients to make it their goal to become a member of The Cancer Survivors Club and have their story published.
He also wants to encourage cancer survivors to become ambassadors, by using their experience to support and inspire other people who are currently receiving treatment; until they too become survivors. The Cancer Survivors Club will leave everyone touched by cancer beaming with a renewed determination to survive.  
You can reach Chris or look at his book at the following addresses: Author URL 
Book URL http://www.TheCancerSurvivorsClub.com
ISBN : 978-0-9574122-0-0
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