“Work” is top reason for moving abroad for Brits…

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Work all important factor

“Work” is top reason for moving abroad for Brits…

ExpatsRadio can reveal the top ten reasons why people would consider moving abroad. In a survey, “work” came out on top at 55%, followed by “love” and a “preferred climate”.
The study, conducted by visa application help company, GlobalVisas, polled 1,251 people from around the UK who had expressed an interest in moving abroad as part of research into opinions surrounding emigration.
Respondents were initially asked: “What would prompt you to consider moving abroad in the future?” and asked them to choose from a list of the possible factors most likely to influence them enough to move to a different country. They were allowed to select more than one option if they felt that more than one motivating factor would cause them to move aboard.
According to the results, the top factors that would motivate Britons to move abroad were:
1.       Work - 55%
2.       Love - 52%
3.       A preferred climate - 49%
4.       Lower living costs - 44%
5.       Family/friends - 41%
6.       A more relaxed lifestyle - 37%
7.       Cheaper property market - 31%
8.       Cultural appreciation - 29%
9.       A sense of adventure - 22%
10.   Lower tax - 18%

The study also looked at the flipside and asked what respondents considered to be the main stumbling blocks when it came to living abroad. 51% of people stated that “missing family and friends” would be the main reason for not doing so, whilst just under half, 45%, said that “cultural differences” would be their biggest fear. 39% said that the “language barrier” would put them off moving abroad to certain countries.
The study then asked those who had selected “work” as an emigration factor what would be the biggest work-related influences tempting them to move away for a job. “Job satisfaction” came first with 42% of the vote, followed by a “good wage” and “job security” Of those that had selected “love” as an answer, 31% said that they would move away should their partner wish to.
Respondents were asked which countries they believed to have the most tempting job prospects when it came to working abroad. Australia came top at 32%, due to the appeal of its “lifestyle” and “ease of integration”. However it was the emerging economies of Brazil (18%) and India (15%) that came in second and third respectively, despite the recent Brazilian unrest, due to their “future growth potential”. 31% of the people that selected Brazil or India also believed that there was “money to be made”.
The study finally asked if respondents had ever sounded out their boss with the possibility of working abroad as part of their current employment, to which 24% said that “yes” they had. When asked if this was a likely possibility, only a third of these respondents believed this to be the case.
Liam Clifford of GlobalVisas commented: "There are many factors that can make us look at moving abroad. According to our poll there seems to be a good number of romantics amongst us who would look to move abroad for love. However, the more pragmatic amongst us came out on top, as work clinches the number one spot."
He continued: "Of course, all of the factors in our top ten would have an influence to some extent. Moving abroad is a huge decision, which needs to be weighed up with its pros and cons. Having a good job to go to though is a very firm starting point! I'm sure the love can come later!"


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