Skilled people are leaving Britain for better opportunities abroad

Leaving the UK

Skilled people are leaving Britain for better opportunities abroad
More than 350,000 Brits left the UK last year, the majority to pursue careers abroad.
Home Office figures reveal that 72% of Brits leaving in 2011 were emigrating for work.
Paul Arthur, director of migration specialists The Emigration Group, says: “The UK is continuing to experience a brain drain, with many Brits in professional or managerial positions emigrating to pursue careers abroad.”
The Home Office study also reveals that when unemployment falls, more Brits move abroad and when unemployment is at its highest, less Brits are moving away.  According to Paul this could be due to the fact that during employment people have more money and resources enabling them to up sticks.
Australia came out as the most popular destination country for British emigrants, with thousands heading there every year.

Paul continues: “It’s not surprising that Australia remains the popular choice for Brits.  In a recent global liveability survey, cities down under, both in Australia and New Zealand, rated top 10 in the places to live in the world.  People can see a way of life down under that can’t be achieved in the UK and this is the reason many up sticks.”

The UK now ranks eighth highest in the world in terms of its nationals living abroad and migration experts believe these migration levels are set to increase over the next few years.
Paul adds: “Particularly down under there are thousands of job vacancies, from hairdressers, to nurses, doctors and construction workers and if you are on the skills shortage list then you have a high chance of qualifying for a permanent residency visa down under.  Simply put, there has never been a better time to emigrate.  This new demand for British workers is fueling emigration and as our economy improves and people can release the equity they have in the UK, I can only see migration levels escalating.”

For more information and advice on migrating down under, applying for residence visas and finding jobs visit www.emigrationgroup.co.uk  
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