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Moving abroad? We don’t have to tell you that there is an awful lot to think about and do before you can step over the threshold of your new home. Where to settle… financing your new property… rent or buy… money transfer… education… taking your pets… telephone/internet connection… the language barrier… home and health insurance… legal representation… These and probably a thousand other worries could easily put you off the whole idea! But help is at hand. ExpatsRadio provides a constant stream of programmes on all these topics, brought to you by experts and people who have already successfully overcome such concerns. Tune in and learn from them…
Property options improve
A raft of new rules governing property ownership in Turkey have made the country increasingly attractive to foreigners
Photos or ction
Farewell to Britain and fighting with food!
Water, water
Water, water everywhere and more to come?
Reasons to move
The top ten reasons why people would consider moving abroad
10 of the strangest reasons given by those looking to make a visa application
Retire abroad
A third of Brits are looking to retire abroad when they eventually think it's time to go into retirement
Healthcare crisis
New research suggests that a third of British expats end up coming home earlier than intended
If you plan to escape to the Caribbean, read this story first.
Jellyfish menace
Terry Clear looks at jellyfish, shortages of experts in building and the healthcare changes.
Help to understand cultre shock
Culture shock? Online consultation with Margarita
Intrepid reporters from Berlin
In 1987, Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate and demanded that the Berlin Wall be torn down.

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